Case histories

We’re in the process of adding some case histories of men who have been diagnosed with prostate cancer, so they can tell their own story of what has happened to them since they were made aware of their condition.

These can provide an insight into what happens after a diagnosis is made and so they can help to prepare anyone else with some useful background information as to what certain types of treatment are like, and of course it will go to show that, in the vast majority of cases, prostate cancer can be treated successfully, such that you can lead a normal life afterwards.

If you wish to submit your case history, then please feel free to get in touch with us. (edit: an email address will be added here soon).

About cambspsa

I am webmaster for the Cambridgeshire Prostate Cancer Support Association - a registered charity that assists and supports prostate cancer patients (and their families and friends) both before, during and after treatment.
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4 Responses to Case histories

  1. del793 says:

    A very useful and informative blog.

  2. del793 says:

    Hope the case history section will be up and running very soon !!!!

  3. del793 says:

    Come on site admin, lets have some action Please. !!!!!!!!!!!!

    • cambspsa says:

      Hi Derek,

      Case histories can only be put online, *if* people provide them…..even anonymously……..and until such time as (let’s say) a few are received, then the section will remain empty….

      So, as much as I’d love to publish some, I can’t do much if none are forthcoming……

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