A word from the Chairman…

Chairmans Report 2012

You can read the Chairmans Report here (PDF, 31kb).

Also available is the Treasurers Report for 2012 (PDF, 30kb) and a copy of our accounts for 2012 (PDF, 14kb).

Chairman’s Report 2011

At the beginning of the year we moved from Addenbrooke’s to the Cambridge Cancer Help Center [CCHC] at Scotdales. Better parking [free] and a purpose built facilities along with a cosier comfortable atmosphere were strong reasons for this move. On the whole it has been a success. Having to change our day and date as well was particularly challenging.

We have had two notable speakers – Professor Rob Thomas and Dr Yvonne Rimmer. The former was talking about living with cancer and although it was an audience associated with Prostate Cancer and tailored to us it would be useful advice to many other types of cancer. Mainly about diet and exercise it was very practical as you are the person responsible for both these aspects of your lives and I think there is convincing evidence that they do make a difference.

The latter gave a talk on ‘image guided radiotherapy’ which we had donated a large sum of money towards. £5k towards the refurbishment of the ‘James Watson Suite’. We also donated £5k towards an ultrasound guided probe for use in the diagnosis of Prostate Cancer in Urology. Thus carrying on the tradition of one donation to Oncology and an equal one to Urology.

For ourselves, (although I wouldn’t describe it as such), a projector was purchased for the princely sum of £90, thanks to Tim who I watched do the bidding on ebay. We also got a brand new bulb worth £200-300 thrown in.

We received a large number of donations Quattro Coffee [£330 + £58.89] was a popular one with most of the committee in attendance. £335 raised by Ann Bullard, Roger Campbell {70th birthday} £428.20, Northern Soul £500 [in memory of Dennis Maxted], Frank Bird £250 [immortalised as the jam man]. John Goddard [in memorium] £470.16.

The chairman apart from the normal duties of attending meetings and arranging the venues went to Leicester for a Cancer Federation seminar titled ‘Lifestyle and Prostate Cancer’. He was supposed to go to the Federation AGM in Manchester but got sick instead. Attended a two day ‘living well’ course at the Penny Brohn in Bristol.

Fund raising events were arranged at RAF Honnington, Royston Probus and also an attendance at the Nuffield Surgery “open day” but as nobody could attend these functions we didn’t get any money or publicity.
The Chairman will be attending a fish and chip supper tomorrow (27th Jan 2012) where a donation of £770 will be given to us.

We have had several resignations/retirements/stepdowns: Sylvia Bates as secretary, (Carole Alderton has stepped into the brink fortunately). Jane Winney and Vernon and Margaret Speed who have been doing a sterling job with teas and coffees. We now have Jenny Brown who has been our treasurer since almost the beginning retiring. Tim O’Malley has volunteered to step in as this is a position that cannot go unfilled (he is also our webmaster). Tony Hall is staying on the committee but no longer wants to be Vice Chairman. John Cullin has stepped up to the challenge and is also on the committee.

We need more people on the committee with time and thought to give to a very worthwhile organisation. We are the only patient led Prostate Cancer Support in Cambridgeshire and there are an awful lot of men out there who need some help.

This report was submitted by the Chairman at the AGM on 26th January 2012.


We have a new speaker who would like to come and talk to us about cancer in April 2011.

See the diary page for info.

About cambspsa

I am webmaster for the Cambridgeshire Prostate Cancer Support Association - a registered charity that assists and supports prostate cancer patients (and their families and friends) both before, during and after treatment.
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1 Response to A word from the Chairman…

  1. del793 says:

    By having such eminent speakers coming along to our meetings can alay misconseptions and hearsay about what is a serious topic that we all need to know about. Im sure that we are all grateful to the guest speakers for their precious time given to us, I know on a personal level, I am. Derek Carpenter.

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