Cambridgeshire Prostate Cancer Support Association

Cambridgeshire Prostate Cancer Support Association
(Patron: Professor David E Neal, CBE, FMedSci MS FRCS)
(Honorary Member: Dr Hayley Whitaker, Ph.D.)

Providing support and information for all those affected by prostate cancer

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For the latest news on our meetings check the diary dates page for information about where we meet and about our special guest speakers.

CambsPSA offers help, information and support to all those affected by prostate cancer through a:

i)   National Prostate Cancer Helpline

ii)  Useful links

iii) Information pack

iv) Read our NEWLY UPDATED “Hit below the belt” leaflet (PDF, 436kb)

CambsPSA has been set up by a small group of prostate cancer patients based mainly in East Anglia.

It is managed by and for men with prostate cancer, their families and those who are interested in improving the care and support of those affected by this form of cancer.

Our services are free of charge to anyone and are funded entirely by membership subscriptions and donations.

CambsPSA is a registered charity (Registered Charity Number : 1133410). The Trustees who are responsible for CambsPSA are elected at the Annual General Meeting, to which all members are invited.

CambsPSA does not offer or give advice, only information and support. Those seeking professional advice should consult a qualified practitioner.

About cambspsa

I am webmaster for the Cambridgeshire Prostate Cancer Support Association - a registered charity that assists and supports prostate cancer patients (and their families and friends) both before, during and after treatment.
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3 Responses to Cambridgeshire Prostate Cancer Support Association

  1. cambspsa says:

    Please leave comments on the specific page, if any errors or omissions occur. Thanks and regards, Tim

  2. Mike Price says:

    Great information! I like it, This is very helpful! … especially for those who suffer from prostate cancer,they need to know this. Their knowledge about the prostate cancer will determine their actions and to care continue. And for those who are healthy will seek to prevent.

  3. Thomas says:

    Thank you for adding to the awareness and support of cancer. I’ve written two songs, one about cancer and one about going through trials and looking back on them. Reaching out for support and help, and the joy of having come up through affliction. Here are the links I hope you find them connecting, and possibly helpful. Cancer Song-Not a Scarlet Letter: Scars In My Eyes:

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