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Events and News stories that may be of interest:

We provide here a list of news stories we have seen – there is more news: HERE, HERE and HERE.

What are the warning signs: (source: BBC News)

Cancer MOT: Mechanic v prostate cancer: (source: BBC News)

How robotic surgery is saving lives: (source: BBC News)

2019 news

16th September 2019 – Sir Rod Stewart says he’s ‘in the clear’ after cancer diagnosis – (source: BBC News)

Stephen Fry records “Men, we are with you” support video – (source: YouTube)

2018 news

10th October 2018 – Bill Turnbull says GET TESTED !! – (source: BBC News)

A video from Bill Turnbull about his treatment is linked above.

9th October 2018 – ‘Fry and Turnbull effect’ on prostate cancer – (source: BBC News)

6th March 2018 – Bill Turnbull, ex-BBC host, diagnosed with prostate cancer – (source: BBC News)

Former BBC Breakfast presenter Bill Turnbull has revealed he has been diagnosed with prostate cancer.
The 62-year-old said it was found in November and cancer has spread to his legs, hips, pelvis and ribs.

Turnbull told the Radio Times he wanted to encourage people to get tested, saying: “Maybe if I’d got it earlier and stopped it at the prostate, I’d be in a much better state.”

He said he had put long-term aches and pains down to “old age”.

Turnbull said in his interview he had had prostate tests when he was aged 40 and 50. But he said he was “cross” for having prided himself on not visiting a GP in four years and only sought help when his pains could no longer be alleviated with pills.

The father of three said after being diagnosed the “first few days were probably the worst days of my life”.
“The GP said, ‘It’s clear you have prostate cancer and that it’s spread to the bone’. And all of a sudden you’re in this dark chasm.”

Turnbull said it “saddens me that I’m not going to be around as much as I thought with my wife and family… I realised if things progress as they do on average, I can’t plan beyond 12 years”.

He said he was diagnosed while recording an episode of The Great Celebrity Bake Off for Stand Up To Cancer on Channel 4. “I had the disease and didn’t know it,” he said.

In a tweet, Turnbull said he was receiving excellent treatment, including chemotherapy, at the Royal Marsden Hospital.

3rd March 2018 – Prostate test ‘breakthrough’ in NHS trial – (source: BBC News)

23rd February 2018 – Stephen Fry recovering from prostate cancer surgery – (source: BBC News)

His condition was given a Gleason Score – a scale used to rate the aggressiveness of prostate cancer – of nine out of 10 before the operation, in which surgeons removed 11 lymph nodes.

Fry added that he had to get used to the idea of the diagnosis, saying: “I went around saying to myself, ‘I’ve got cancer. Good heavens, Stephen, you’re not the sort of person who gets cancer.’
“I know it’s an old cliche but you don’t think it’s going to happen to you.”
He urged men to get their PSA [prostate specific antigen] levels checked with a doctor.
“I generally felt my life was saved by this early intervention, so I would urge any of you men of a certain age to get your PSA levels checked,” he said.

2017 news

13th July 2017 – Cancer MOT: Mechanic taking on prostate cancer – (source: BBC News)

2nd July 2017: John Lloyd, former tennis pro, has revealed his diagnosis for Prostate Cancer. You can read the article here.

Mr Lloyd explains that it was by pure chance that following a house move, he got a full medical check with his new GP and it was caught early, despite having no apparent symptoms, when his PSA was in the 5-6 range.

June 2017: This is just a heart-warming story and should be a “must-read” for anyone who has been affected by cancer. It’s the story of Helen Fawkes, a BBC journalist who was diagnosed with cancer, who wrote a blog detailing her way of getting the most out of life.

Her story can be found on the BBC website: HERE

Sadly, Helen died, aged 45, in June 2017, but you can still read her blog HERE so BE INSPIRED ! Write a blog, do something that you always wanted to do…and NEVER EVER think you are coping with cancer on your own…we’re all behind you, every step of the way 🙂

19th June 2017 – Prostate cancer blood test ‘helps target treatment’ – (source: BBC News)

3rd June 2017 – Prostate cancer treatment ‘could help more patients’ – (source: BBC News)

4th May 2017 – Prostate cancer: Blood test could help target treatment – (source: BBC News)

26th April 2017 – ‘Exciting’ blood test spots cancer a year early – (source: BBC News)

23rd January 2017 – Browned toast and potatoes are ‘potential cancer risk’, say food scientists – (source: BBC News)

20th January 2017 – ‘Huge leap’ in prostate cancer testing – (source: BBC News)

2016 news

20th December 2016 – WHAT A GREAT XMAS PRESENT !! – Prostate cancer laser treatment ‘truly transformative’ (source: BBC News)

7th December 2016 – The Carpenters Arms (182-186 Victoria Road, Cambridge, Tel No: 01223 367050) is having a Christmas Quiz next Tuesday (13th December) in aid of Prostate Cancer Research. Cheap beer (and shots…) for the duration of the quiz and £1 from every pint sold donated to the Charity as well as the quiz fees.

3 Course Meal for 2 @ The Carpenters Arms
Polypin of Bitter
Case of Assorted Bottled Beers
Bottles of Prosecco
Bottles of Wine

Cost: £2 per head

Happy Hour between 8-11pm

Stella 4% – £2.00 Per Pint
Guest Ale – £2.00 Per Pint
Spirit & Mixer – £2.00
Any Shot – £1.50 Per Shot

Lots of lovely prizes too.! (source: Facebook event page)

7th October 2016 – Arthur Rank Hospice’s new £10.5 million home to open its doors to the public – CambsPSA made a significant donation towards the appeal !! (source: Ely News)

4th October 2016 – Hollywood actor Ben Stiller reveals he had prostate cancer but is now cancer-free – (source: BBC News)

15th September 2016 – Prostate cancer treatment ‘not always needed’ – (source: BBC News)

3rd June 2016 – Prostate cancer aggression ‘linked to waist size’ – (source: BBC News)

22nd April 2016 – Killing cancer with polio virus – watch to the end for info about Prostate Cancer treatment – (source and video: The Shrug)

22nd April 2016 – New drugs for aggressive prostate cancer ‘promising’ – (source: BBC News)

22nd April 2016 – Prostate awareness ‘dangerously low’ in British men – (source: BBC News)

27th March 2016 – Prostate cancer risk test created by Birmingham scientists – (source: Birmingham Post)

21st March 2016 – U-turn over prostate cancer drug after price change – (source: BBC News)

2015 news

12th Dec 2015 – ‘Suicide’ gene therapy kills prostate cancer cells – (source: BBC News)

5th Nov 2015 – Blood test could determine prostate cancer therapy – (source: BBC News)

9th Sept 2015 – Implant ‘traps’ spreading cancer cells – (source: BBC News)

30th July 2015 – Prostate cancer: Five types ‘found’ – (source: BBC News)

3rd July 2015 – Sir Michael Parkinson given cancer all-clear – (source: BBC News)

21st May 2015 – Prostate cancer gene map points way to targeted drugs – (source: BBC News)

14th May 2015 – Prostate cancer drug ‘extends lives’ – (source: BBC News)

2014 news

I found this in my local shopping directory – I don’t know who Charlie Allen is, but this was written by him:

The doctors said there’s something wrong,
deep inside my middle
Something called the prostate gland
is causing quite a riddle.

For 18 months, I’ve been to and fro
Having tests from down below
Now they’ve come up with an answer
That prostate’s got a bit of cancer

He said “I’d like to operate
I’ll have to find you a date”
I’ll spend some time in Ward fourteen
where this poem might be seen.

So to help prolong my life
I’ve told the surgeon “use your knife,
Cut it out, so when it’s gone
I’ll go back home and carry on”

We’d just planned a holiday
To New Zealand, far away
Hawaii out, Fiju back
Five weeks on the tourist track

The surgeon said he had a date,
to get the knife to that prostate.
The holiday was cancelled quick
You can’t delay, when you get sick

From Ward 14 to the surgeons door
and back again was 9 hours, more
But 2 days on, in the night
a heart attack, caused an awful fright

ECG’s, X-Rays and test
To Ward one for 8 days rest
Injections, tablets drinks galore
Nurses in and out the door

Student nurse took my drain
The gentle touch, no hint of pain
Learning how to ply her trade
such a sweet and pretty maid

Patients come, some go home
One it seems is all alone
Dave was gone, free from pain?
Next day he was back again !

The week went by, I’m now OK
Should be going home today
Thanks to all, the TLC
And attention heaped on me.

by Charlie Allen
29th Nov 1998 (still alive and licking).

7th June 2014 – How I beat prostate cancer… all thanks to Mary (and a robot called Da Vinci!), by Jeffrey Archer – (source: Daily Mail) – this is very interesting as Lord Archer resides near Cambridge and this article reveals his robot-assisted radical prostatectomy treatment.

13th April 2014 – Bob Wilson: Arsenal legend to have prostate cancer treatment – (source: BBC news)

20th January 2014 – Why ED was the Best Thing to Happen to My Intimacy – (source: GoodMen / RLS website)

8th January 2014 – Prostate cancer monitoring mooted – (source: Yahoo news)

7th January 2014 – ‘Sticky balls’ may stop cancer spreading – (source: BBC news)

5th January 2014 – We are very pleased that our Patron, Dr David Neal, has been awarded a CBE in the Queens New Years Honours list. On behalf of the group, Don emailed Dr Neal with our congratulations, to which Dr Neal has responded as follows: “It was all a real surprise in late November but I am pleased of course, not only for me, but for all the team in Cambridge. It is a pleasure and privilege to be the patron of the local association. All best wishes for the new year. David”.

The 2014 list can be downloaded from here.

Look in the “Prime Ministers list” and page down to page 17, where you’ll find the entry for Dr Neal – the award is: “For services to Surgery.”

I think a quick burst of “hip hip” is in order 🙂

1st January 2014 – Happy New Year !!

2013 (and earlier) news

5th November 2013 – Prostate cancer aggression test ‘may avoid needless ops’ – (source: BBC news)

31st October 2013 – I’ve started my MOvember fund raising campaign – so please donate at this link HERE

If any other members have a donation page such as JustGiving or MOvember, then please email us and we’ll add your link here 🙂

1st October 2013 – Billy Connolly gets prostate cancer all-clear – (source: BBC news)

30th August 2013 – 6 Myths about cancer – (source: The Guardian website)

19th August 2013 – Prostate cancer statistics – check out the various stats for risk factors, incidence, survival and mortality rates – fascinating stuff!! – (source: Cancer Research UK website)

14th August 2013 – Milestone study probes cancer origin – (source: BBC news)

30th May 2013 – Archbishop of York treated for prostate cancer – (source: BBC news)

20th May 2013 – Cancer risk gene testing announced – (source: BBC news)

18th April 2013 – Man City coach Brian Kidd discusses prostate cancer battle (audio commentary) – (source: BBC news)

17th April 2013 – Prostate cancer: Call to test men in their 40s – (source: BBC news)

9th April 2013 – ‘Aggressive’ prostate cancer gene find – (source: BBC news)

31st March 2013 – Two interesting articles concerning treatment for prostate cancer – firstly: York scientists discover driving force behind prostate cancer (source: York University website) and secondly: Monoallelic expression of TMPRSS2/ERG in prostate cancer stem cells (source: website)

28th March 2013 – Celebrity auction items for sale raising funds for charity – make a bid now – (source: prostatecanceruk’s eBay website)

27th March 2013 – DNA test reveals 80 markers for inherited cancer risk (including prostate, breast and ovarian) – (source: BBC website)

19th March 2013 – An “old” news story from 30th April 2007 – “Natural Viagra: Spider Bite Causes Erection” – (source: Livescience website)

and the follow-up story (from 7th Sept 2012) is here – “New Spin on Erectile Dysfunction Drugs: Spider Toxin” (source: Livescience website)

1st March 2013 – It’s Prostate Cancer Awareness Month – see what Royal Mail is doing to help generate support for this “man’s issue”- (source: Royal Mail website)

25th January 2013 – Please see the link on the right called “A word from the Chairman” where you can read the Chairmans’ and Treasurers’ reports on 2012, as well as a copy of our accounts.)

22nd January 2013 – Lifetime risk of prostate cancer ‘has trebled’ – (source: BBC news)

26th November 2012 – Nile Rodgers’ battle with prostate cancer – (source: BBC news)

and then read Niles’ own blog here: Walking on Planet C

30th July2012 – Join me and Prostate Action on 22 September 2012 in Battersea Park, London for a 5km fun run called Pants in the Park. Wear your pants on the outside of your clothes to raise awareness of prostate disease and help raise funds to beat this dreadful disease. – (source: Pant In The Park blog)

28th July 2012 – Coronation Street actor Geoffrey Hughes (“Eddie Yeats”) dies aged 68 – (source: BBC news)

3rd July 2012 – Eddie Nestor – Let’s drag prostate cancer into public awareness – (source: Huffington Post)

19th June 2012 – Male tea drinkers ‘may be at greater risk of prostate cancer’ – (source: BBC news)

18th June 2012 – Actor and ex-Flying Pickets singer Brian Hibbard dies – (source: BBC news)

26th April 2012 – We learnt some sad news that Helen Patterson, one of oncologists at Addenbrookes, who has helped many Prostate Cancer patients, died on 18th April, following her own fight against cancer. Dr Patterson will be fondly remembered by all at CambsPSA as the majority of us have survived as a result of her and her team at the Oncology Dept.- (Obituary)

17th April 2012 – New prostate cancer treatment may reduce side-effects – (source: BBC news)

17th April 2012 – How new prostate treatment works – (source: BBC news)

29th March 2012 – Cancer: ‘Book of knowledge’ published – (source: BBC news)

26th March 2012 – Prostate Cancer Womens Campaign – (source: Prostate Action charity website)

23rd March 2012 – Robotic surgeon successful in first prostate snip – (source: The Register website)

14th March 2012 – Today we heard the sad news that our member, Mike Vogel, died on 23rd February 2012. Please visit this website and perhaps make a donation to the fund raising efforts of his family – (source: Just Giving website)

13th March 2012 – Circumcision linked to lower risk of prostate cancer – (source: Yahoo Lifestyle website)

6th March 2012 – Cancer fear and denial ‘is killing thousands’ – (source: BBC news)

5th March 2012 – Rock guitarist Ronnie Montrose dies at the age of 64 – (source: BBC news)

2nd March 2012 – We now have a Facebook page – please visit via the link shown and maybe “Like” it….?? (source: Facebook website)

2nd March 2012 – March 2012 is Prostate Cancer Awareness Month – find out what it is and some background info on the symptoms and what YOU can do to ensure you (or your partner) can receive treatment (source: Yahoo Health website)

8th February 2012 – March 2012 is Prostate Cancer Awareness Month – sign up here to help raise awareness in YOUR area (source: Prostate Cancer website)

8th February 2012 – Dave’s Journey – a member of the Oxfordshire Prostate Cancer Support Group has made a video of his last day of radiotherapy treatment – (source: YouTube)

2nd February 2012 – NICE: Prostate cancer drug too costly for NHS – (source: BBC News)

30th January 2012 – Prostate cancer discovered in ancient mummy – (source: Yahoo Lifestyle websites)

22nd January 2012 – Glasgow scientists create 3D image of cancer protein – (source: BBC News)

15th November 2011 – Is oral contraceptive pill fuelling prostate cancer? – (source: BBC News)

11th November 2011 – Skin transformed for cancer fight – (source: BBC News)

26th October 2011 – Raconteur on Prostate Cancer – (source: Raconteur Media)

19th September 2011 – Signs you may have a prostate problem – (source: Yahoo Health News)

19th August 2011 – Lockerbie bomber Megrahi’s survival attributed to pills – (source: BBC News)

20th June 2011 – Gene therapy vaccine to treat prostate cancer – (source: Yahoo News)

24th May 2011 – Brisk walks fight prostate cancer – (source: BBC News)

21st May 2011 – Robo Doc Fights Cancer – (source: ITV News)

21st May 2011 – FOUND: KEY GENE IN PROSTATE CANCER FIGHT – (source: Express Newspaper)

18th May 2011 – Heavy coffee drinking wards off deadly cancer in men – (source: The Register)

17th May 2011 – Coffee ‘cuts prostate cancer risk’ US study suggests – (source: BBC News)

11th May 2011 – Selenium ‘does not prevent cancer’ – (source: BBC News)

2nd May 2011 – Denis Law starts Manchester Shine cancer charity walk (Mr Law is a survivor of Prostate Cancer) – (source: BBC News)

March 2011 was Prostate Cancer Awareness Month

31st March 2011 – Researchers learn why why PSA levels reflect prostate cancer progression – (source: article is dated 13th Jan 2011).

14th March 2011 – Patient turns genetic detective – (source: BBC News)

4th March 2011 – Les Ferdinand (footballer) tackles issue of prostate cancer (video) – (source: BBC News)

1st March 2011 – Are You Aware? – 6 male celebrities sport their M&S pants for Prostate Cancer Awareness Month – (source: M&S webshop)

1st March 2011 – Prostate cancer test is ‘twice as good’, say researchers – (source: BBC News)

9th February 2011 – Prostate cancer ‘gene test’ hope – (source: BBC news)

24th January 2011 – Blocking a gene stops cancer cells spreading – (source: BBC news)

News from previous years:
6th December 2010 – Experts scrap prostate screening proposal – (source: BBC news)

1st December 2010 – Index finger length prostate cancer clue – (source: BBC news)

14th October 2010 – Prostate cancer urine test nears – (source: BBC news)

11th October 2010 – Trial confirms prostate drug promise – (source: BBC news)

1st June 2010 – Men still unaware of prostate cancer risk – (source: Yahoo Lifestyle website)

29th May 2010 – Actor Dennis Hopper has died from complications following a battle with metastasised prostate cancer – (source: BBC news)

30th April 2010 – Whistling Bob Harris, the radio presenter, has spoken of his treatment for prostate cancer in 2007 – (source: BBC news)

8th April 2010 – Warn men of prostate test distress, study urges – (source: BBC news)

2nd Feb 2010 – Dave Prowse (Darth Vader) in remission from prostate cancer – (source: BBC news)

11th Jan 2010 – Andrew Lloyd Webber is “cancer clear” – (source: BBC news)

26th April 2009 – Vitamin D hope in prostate cancer – (source: BBC news)

25th March 2009 – Oily fish may protect against prostate cancer – (source: Yahoo Lifestyle website)

25th March 2009 – March is prostate cancer awareness month – (source: Yahoo Lifestyle website)

If you find any suitable links to other news stories about Prostate Cancer, which you think may be relevant, please leave a comment below.

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