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Our June 2019 guest speakers have provided us with some useful weblinks for you to peruse:

Link to main channel page

Introductory videos:

About our channel

About Susan

About Hayley

Videos about cancer:

What is cancer

Genetics of cancer

Language of cancer

Videos about treatments:




Targeted therapy


What happens to donated patient samples:

Tissue samples

Blood samples


Ex vivo culture

Videos about specific cancer research projects:

INNOVATE clinical trial

PEOPLE pathway

Behind the scenes of cancer research:

Clinical trials

Lab tour


Ethics of cancer research

March for Men

Meet a scientific researcher

Meet a clinical researcher

Busting some myths:


Alkaline foods

Big pharma conspiracy

Here are some links to other prostate cancer related sites: The Prostate Cancer Charity provides help for research and support to sufferers.

You can also subscribe to their “Progress” magazine, which is FREE and can be either posted or emailed to you (as a PDF). Click HERE to register, although you can read the magazines online from this page. Prostate Cancer website

Local Support Groups in UK:

Channel Islands
The Orchidians –

Eastern region:

Cambridge Cancer Help Centre – 01223 840105 –

East Suffolk Prostate Cancer Support Group – 01473 404735

Norfolk and Waveney Prostate Cancer Support Group – 01603 720980

Midlands region:

Cancer Support Prostate Cancer Group –

City and Sandwell Prostate Cancer Support Group – 0121 507 3381

Northampton Prostate Cancer Support Group – 01604 473738

North Staffs Prostate Cancer Support Group – 01782 722168

Nottingham Prostate Cancer Support Group – 0115 911 1661

Prostate Cancer Support Association – Central England –

Kidderminster and District Prostate Cancer Support Group –

Stafford Prostate Cancer Support Group – 01785 257731 x 3042

Sutton Coldfield Prostate Cancer – 0121 686 6491

North East region:
Hull and East Riding Prostate Cancer Support Group – 01482 669631

North Durham Prostate Cancer Support –

Prostate Support Association (Teeside) – 01642 651280

The Prostate Cancer Support Group – 0191 293 4142

North region:

Chesterfield Prostate Cancer Support Group – 01246 513442

Prostate Cancer Support Association – 01423 865531 / 01924 275985

Prostate Cancer Support (PCS) – 0845 456 0678 (Helpline)

York Prostate Cancer Support Group – 01757 228394

North West region:

Furness Prostate Cancer Support Group – 01229 889768

Leighton Hospital Prostate Cancer Support Group – 01606 553097

North Cumbria Prostate Cancer Support Group – 01228 539510

Prostate Cancer Support Association –

Prostate Cancer Support (PCS) Droylesden – 0845 456 0678

Prostate Cancer Support Federation –

Prostate Cancer Support (PCS) Wirral & North Cheshire –

The Bay Prostate Cancer Support Group – 01524 32736 / 01524 381820

The Men’s Group –

South East region:

South West region:



Northern Ireland:

Other useful links include:

BBC Health webpage about Prostate Cancer. NHS Online ‘Best Treatment’ section on prostate cancer, provided in conjunction with the BMJ. The Prostate Research Campaign UK provides information, funds research, and campaigns to raise public awareness.

Prostate Action: Prostate message board for all. The aim of the site is to bring together patients, carers, support groups and those with an interest in prostate cancer and prostate related issues. Cancerbackup is Europe’s leading cancer information charity. Its website contains over 4,500 pages of up-to-date cancer information, practical advice and support for cancer patients, their families, carers and friends. Pleural mesothelioma is the most common type of mesothelioma, a rare cancer that develops in the lungs. It is almost solely caused by exposure to asbestos, which was used in everything in children’s toys, house-hold insulation, and naval carriers. Our website has the most up to date and comprehensive information about Pleural Mesothelioma on the web today. With information ranging from a complete list of symptoms, to treatment options, and steps to take after a diagnosis. Cancer Help uk Information about cancer, diagnosis and treatment including research on vaccines for cancer Cancerlink Provides emotional support and information in response to letters and telephone enquiries from people with cancer and their families. Cherry Lodge Cancer Care Information and support for the person with cancer and their family. Everyman Provides information on male cancers, their diagnosis, prevention and treatment including research on DNA and cancer vaccines. Health Online Comprehensive database of medical conditions, diseases and support organisations. Macmillan Supports people with cancer and their families with specialist information, treatment and care. Medical Research Council Data Base of medical research. National Health Service Direct An easy guide to treating common symptoms at home and advice about seeking further professional help for more complex problems. Prostate Cancer Research Institute USA A non-profit research institute for prostate cancer, with a mission to end Prostate Cancer. Prostate Cancer Treatment USA Frequently asked questions on prostate cancer. Prostate Cancer Internet Resources USA Find information, books and links to other useful prostate cancer sites. Prostate Cancer Basic and Clinical Aspects USA Resources articles and news about prostste cancer. Prostate Cancer Info Link USA For understanding diagnosis and treatment and finding help and support Standard questions on mesothelioma – and providing information and support to those who have been exposed to asbestos Wellbeing Met Manufacturers of personal screening tests for PSA and other conditions. Medical and other help for over fifty year olds. Bristol Cancer Help Centre is a holistic practice centre approved by the General Medical Council. Park Attwood Clinic is a Holistic Practice Centre approved by the General Medical Council. This webpage provides links to a wide variety of other alternative therapy websites. British Holistic Association contains further information on holistic practice. Information regarding laparoscopic surgery. Details of laparoscopic surgery available at the North Hants Hospital Basingstoke and privately. Details of robotic keyhole surgery at St Marys Paddington. Contains details of laparoscopic surgery. Cancer Research UK (general cancer help & support). Clinical Cancer Research.

If you know of a worthy link for us to add to the above list, (and which is relevant to our website) then please use the “Leave a Reply” box below and we’ll happily consider it for inclusion. We reserve the right NOT to include submissions made via this website.

CambsPSA does not offer or give advice, only information and support. Those seeking professional advice should consult a qualified practitioner.

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I am webmaster for the Cambridgeshire Prostate Cancer Support Association - a registered charity that assists and supports prostate cancer patients (and their families and friends) both before, during and after treatment.
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